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Property Investment in Europe

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Property Investment Europe

It can sometimes be difficult to work out where is the best place to invest your money in these turbulent financial times.  A diverse and diversified portfolio of investments is often cited as the most sensible strategy, whether you're looking to ensure you have enough income in retirement, or are keen to maximise your income in the coming years.  Equities, bonds and cash may well all play a part but there are real advantages in adding property to your portfolio.

Why property investment makes sense

The stock market bull run of the last few years has run out of steam. Returns from savings accounts have remained stubbornly low. Bonds and gilts are a sensible component of any investment portfolio but their potential to add value over time is limited. Property, by way of contrast, offers consistent potential for growth. In fact, as other investment vehicles have fluctuated over the decades, property has offered solid returns.  The old advice to put your money into bricks and mortar to gain the best returns remains as true as ever.

Property investment in Europe offers good returns

With the UK property market continuing to stutter along, there are advantages to investing overseas. The European property market remains as popular as ever.  There are a number of reasons for this with different markets offering different advantages.

The European property market is generally more competitively priced than in the UK. A large villa or a luxury home in Portugal or Cyprus can be purchased for the same price as a London flat.  As well as the initial outlay, there's greater potential for a decent return on your investment over time.  There's also a greater rate of return to investment on your property if you rent it out as either a holiday or long-term let than you would secure on a UK property.

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Portugal's property market offers a great return on your investment

Property prices in Portugal increased by nearly 8% over 2019 and have continued their upward trajectory. The market has been booming and the medium to long term fundamentals look positive. There's also a wide range of property types to choose from as well as regions to explore. Whether you're looking for a beachfront property, a rural bolt hole or a city property, you're bound to find something in this beautiful country.

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Cyprus has beautiful properties and a booming market

There's countless property investment options on the beautiful island of Cyprus. The tourism industry continues to grow and develop and there's a strong potential for good returns.

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Centasource are the European property investment experts

With 25 years of helping people invest in overseas property, Centasource can help you with your European property search. From the first enquiry through negotiation and beyond, Centasource can help you find the perfect European property. With an approach built on integrity and strong business relationships Centasource are a company who can help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise your returns.

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