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Get an EU Passport | What are your options?

Posted by centa on June 9, 2019

Get an EU Passport | What are your options?

In the past years, when it came to get an EU passport by property investment, residency from EU countries as a non-member of the European Union was cumbersome. Things changed in 2014, where people obtained the permission to gain citizenship in Cyprus for investment under favorable conditions. Holders of European passport by property investment in Cyprus get to enjoy all the benefits of the European Economic area residents. These are inclusive of obtaining the rights to work in Cyprus and Visa-free travel.

It is important to note that when it comes to get a Cyprus passport is not just a Visa or residence permit, but it is the full citizenship of the EU-member state. There are numerous advantages of the Cyprus passport program over the rest of the EU residency investment programs. You will also be offered different investment options which are:

Making a residential real estate investment of €2 million in Cyprus

The residential property must be retained for at least three years. After three years, the stake is reduced to €500,000 residential real estate which is held indefinitely. You can decide to make many property purchases as long as their total value adds up to €2 million and you let the amount to be retained for three years.

Visa-free travel in the 157 member countries

Everyone loves travelling, and nothing would feel better than getting the chance to move from one state to another for vacation without having to wait until the Visa is out.

€2.5 million Investments which is a combination of real estate and other investments

Another way to obtain EU passport property investment in Cyprus is if you have a 3-year investment of €2 million in any of the following:

  • Invest in interest-bearing government bonds but ensure that your investment is not more than €500,000
  • You may also choose to invest €2 million in any eligible real estate in Cyprus which can be commercial, land, and infrastructure
  • You can create an acquisition in a company located in Cyprus or business and ensure that you are the majority shareholder and employ 5 Cypriot Nationals who have lived in Cyprus for at least five years.
  • Have a €500,000 residential investment that must be held infidelity.


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